How is Our Approach to Child Development Unique?

In most communities, there’s pent-up demand from young families for the many experiences a Romp n’ Roll kids gym offers and there’s no direct competitor. That’s because of Romp n’ Roll’s comprehensive approach to kids’ fun, enrichment and education; a stark contrast to other kids’ centers.

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How is Our
Approach to Child

In most communities, there’s pent-up demand from young families for the experiences we offer and there’s no direct competitor. That’s because Romp n’ Roll approaches kids’ fun, enrichment and education better other kids’ centers.

You’ll Offer the Widest Range of Activities

Most of our competitors offer a narrow choice of activities, such as gym, to a wide range of ages — from babies to teens.

At Romp n’ Roll, we do the reverse. We offer a wide range of quality classes — including music, gym, art, dance, cooking, science, sports and more — to a highly focused group of children ages 3 months through 5 years. All under one roof.

Our kids gym franchise also hosts birthday parties, Kids’ Night Out and Parents’ Morning Out. Make no mistake, our classes and parties are fun; but they’re also developmentally appropriate, with the goal of building kids’ skills and abilities and preparing them to enter school. We help parents develop more well-rounded kids, by providing affordable value outside the home.

This focus makes Romp n’ Roll THE place for children and parents for classes and parties. Our class variety assures parents will find something just right for their child…without the boredom of single activity locations.

Our approach also allows us to build facilities that are perfect for younger children. And our staff universally share our passion for young children.

You’ll Offer Parents Flexible Membership Options

Our membership model gives parents the most flexibility in the industry. Most of our centers offer unlimited monthly visits on whatever schedule a parent chooses. Most competitors limit children to one class per week, and always at the same day and time. The busy parents we serve appreciate all the flexibility we’ve built into every membership choice. As an owner, you’ll enjoy reliable recurring revenue, since memberships auto-renew and parents like the fact they have no long-term commitments, eliminating a key obstacle to long-term relationships with Romp n’ Roll.

Parents Love Membership Flexibility (1:19)

Build Your Business on Satisfied Parents

We’ll show you how happy, repeat members will sustain your new Romp n’ Roll.

“Our member service really sets us apart,” co-founder Babz Barnett says. “Providing exceptional member service is just as important as providing exceptional activities. We take parent and child nurturing to new levels, which doesn’t really exist in the other places.”

You’ll automatically survey your members every 90 days. The Romp n’ Roll net promoter score of 77% is higher than Apple,, BMW, Harvard and many other well-respected brands.

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