Questions We Get a Lot

Here are the most commonly asked questions about owning a
Romp n’ Roll indoor playground franchise.

Questions We Get a Lot

Here are the most commonly asked questions about owning a Romp n’ Roll kids gym franchise.

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Q: Do I need to have an education or teaching background to own a Romp n’ Roll franchise?

No. Romp n’ Roll owners have a variety of professional backgrounds. While an educational background may be helpful, we look for franchise owners who are business-minded and match our core values. Our kids gym franchise owners come from variety of backgrounds.

Q: Do you provide training? If so, is training mandatory?

Yes. Romp n’ Roll provides a mandatory, comprehensive training program at our headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. Owners receive a variety of online and offline training materials to use with their employees, including a video library of our top instructors teaching every class in real time.

Q: Do I have to personally manage my Romp n’ Roll franchise?

Romp n’ Roll owners are involved in the operations of the business. Some hire managers so they can spend more time teaching, or vice versa, but “absentee ownership” won’t be successful.

Q: What type of return can I expect on my investment?

Numerous factors contribute to financial returns for a business. However, our FDD Item 19 has historical financial information to help serious candidates evaluate this opportunity.

Q: How much does it cost to open a Romp n’ Roll franchise?

The estimated investment ranges from $198,700 to $399,150. Click here for details on estimated start-up costs.

Q: Does Romp n’ Roll assist with selecting a location?

Yes. Romp n’ Roll has a variety of resources to ensure your location is ideally situated. We also help you negotiate the terms of the lease with your landlord.

Q: What is the franchise fee?

The one-time franchise fee for a single location is $45,000. If you’re interested in multiple locations, we offer franchise fee incentives.

Q: How much is the royalty?

Franchisees pay a royalty of 6% on gross sales and an advertising contribution of 2%.

Q: What does the franchise agreement look like?

Once you complete and submit our franchise application, we’ll send you our Franchise Disclosure Document. Commonly referred to as the FDD, this document provides full and complete disclosure information about our company, our systems, requirements and structure. The document also includes a sample of the franchise agreement itself. We advise you to take this information to an experienced franchise attorney during your due diligence process, so you can make the most informed choice possible.

Q: What are your financial requirements for consideration?

You must show financial health early in the mutual evaluation process. Net worth (assets minus liabilities) of at least $300,000 and $100,000 in liquid assets are needed for consideration.

Q: Can you help me with financing?

We have a partnership with Guidant Financial, a firm which can help secure traditional and SBA financing needed to become a Romp n’ Roll owner. In addition, Romp n’ Roll is listed with the Franchise Registry and is a pre-approved business concept with the Small Business Administration. That means that qualified individual borrowers do not need to prove that our franchise works, but instead can move straight into their loan qualification process.

Q: Will I have a protected territory?


Q: Why should I invest in Romp n’ Roll indoor playground franchise?

Romp n’ Roll is an emerging worldwide leader focused exclusively on play-based education for young children ages 3 months to five years. We offer the widest variety of professionally supervised activities, programs and play experiences for young children in the industry, ALL UNDER ONE ROOF in a clean, fun environment. Our professional staff has years of management and education experience, plus proven abilities to turn an enthusiastic, talented franchise owner into a successful business owner in their community.

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